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Stair Lift Installation in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill

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Retain Your Independence with THRP's Stair Lift Installation

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No Need to Leave Your Beloved Home - Our Stair Lifts Keep You Connected

For many homeowners, the prospect of navigating stairs can be daunting, especially as mobility challenges arise with age or disability. At THRP, we understand the emotional attachment you have to your multi-story home, which is why we offer professional stair lift installation services – allowing you to retain access to every level without sacrificing your independence or beloved living space.

Your Second Story Doesn't Have to be Off Limits Anymore - We'll Make it Easy to Navigate the Stairs

Regain Full Use of Your Home

Stairs should never be a barrier that prevents you from freely moving about your own house. With THRP’s stair lift solutions, you can easily traverse between floors, opening up your entire home for continued use and enjoyment. No longer will you feel confined to the main level or forced to relocate cherished belongings and memories.

Installation You Can Count On

Our contractors specialize in the seamless installation of high-quality stair lifts from industry-leading manufacturers. We work closely with local vendors who are experts in mobility and you to understand your unique needs and preferences, ensuring a customized solution that perfectly fits your home’s staircase configuration and aesthetic. ​

Dramatically Improved Technology

We’ve all seen movies where stair lifts are slow and clunky.  It’s a joke that it takes a very long time for the lift to slowly move up the stairs.  However, new technology makes stair lifts fast and efficient and a viable option.  90% of seniors prefer to remain at home.  And regardless of your home’s configuration a stair lift is a viable option both indoors and outdoors.  

Stair lifts now come with advanced features like remote controls, expanded seating, foldable systems, and speed that make them an attractive solution for many seniors. We work with our local suppliers to find the stair lift system that works best for you.  With the expert guidance of the staff at companies like Step Ahead Mobility and AmeriGlide in Raleigh we help find the perfect solution for you.  Our expert team of contractors ensure that the installation of a stair lift is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.  We’re more than ready to make any modifications needed to ensure a smooth installation and years of worry-free service. 

Why Sell Your Beloved Home?

For many homeowners, the prospect of leaving a cherished multi-story residence can be heartbreaking. With THRP’s stair lift solutions, you can avoid the emotional and financial strain of selling your home or relocating to a single-level dwelling. Instead, you can age in place gracefully, surrounded by the familiar comforts and memories that make your house a home.


Embrace Your Independence and Accessibility - THRP is Here to Help

At Triangle Home Repair and Paint we’re comitted to helping the elderly and differently abled stay in their home and maintain their independence.  We offer offer a variety of services to help you with this goal. 

Reclaim your freedom of movement and enjoy barrier-free living with THRP’s stair lift installation services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and explore how we can help you retain the full use and enjoyment of your beloved home.


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