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Wheelchair Ramps and Power Lift Installs

Solutions Built for Your Independence and Care

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Your Wheelchair Ramp Builder in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill and Beyond

Solutions for Your Independence with Our Custom Wheelchair Ramp Solutions for Your Home

At Triangle Home Repair and Paint (THRP), we understand the importance of accessible living spaces for individuals with mobility challenges. Our team of experienced contractors specializes in constructing safe, durable, and ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps, ensuring you can move freely in and out of your home with ease and confidence.

When Your Need to Make Your Home Accessible for Yourself or a Loved One Finding a Company that Knows How to Install a Ramp and Make Modifications that Work is a Challenge - You Can Trust We Know How to Help You

Wheelchair Ramp Installation - Custom Built the Right Way

A wheelchair ramp has to be designed specifically for your solution taking into account many factors like pitch, slope, material, and existing structures. THRP knows how to design ramp solutions that are meticulously thought out and constructed to meet your specific requirements, not only today but for the future. We consider your slope, landing dimensions, and the codes of your specific town as well as the requirements of North Carolina. Whether you need a straight, curved, multi-level ramp or even a power lift our team will work closely with you and your loved ones to create a solution that seamlessly integrates with your home's architeture and provides a smooth, unobstructed path for your wheelchair or mobility device. We work with local experts like the team at Step Ahead Mobility and Stalls Medical Supply to plan not only for your current needs but what you may need in the future as your condition and needs change.

We take into account if you will be using a motorized wheelchair or scooter. We take into account if you will be self-propelled or if you will be reliant on a caregiver. We also consider if your future needs may require a larger chair or other mobility device.

Indoor and Outdoor Wheelchair Vertical Lift Installation

Indoor Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

When stairs or steps become insurmountable obstacles, our team can expertly install a sleek and space-efficient indoor wheelchair lift. These lifts provide a safe and smooth vertical transit solution, allowing you to effortlessly navigate between floors while remaining seated in your wheelchair or mobility device. We work closely with you to determine the ideal lift location and configuration, ensuring optimal convenience and integration with your home’s design. We work with local suppliers to help you secure a system that works for your needs. 

Outdoor Vertical Hydraulic Wheelchair Lifts

Navigating outdoor terrain can be challenging, but THRP’s outdoor wheelchair lift installation services eliminate those barriers. Whether you need to access a raised patio, deck, or overcome a steep incline, our durable and weather-resistant outdoor lifts offer a reliable solution. With various platform sizes and lifting capacities available, we can customize the lift to suit your specific needs, ensuring you can enjoy the great outdoors with ease.

Both our indoor and outdoor wheelchair lifts are designed with safety as the top priority, featuring robust construction, non-slip surfaces, and failsafe mechanisms. Additionally, our team ensures compliance with all relevant building codes and accessibility standards, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

We're Your Partner in Independence - Stay in Your Home with Help from THRP

We’re your partner in accessibility and accommodations for your home. We want you to stay at home, where you are safe and comfortable.  

In addition to our wheelchair services we offer a full range of additional services to make your home more comfortable, accessible, and safe. 

Maintain or Regain your freedom of movement and conquer vertical obstacles with THRP’s wheelchair lift and ramp installation services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore the possibilities of barrier-free living.  We’re your partner in accessible living and modification. 


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